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Web Services

Whether you’re looking to bring your whole department online, or you just want to update your existing Web site, the Creative Services Office can provide helpful analysis of your situation. CSO will help you determine what you want your site to accomplish, what audience you’re addressing, and how best to serve your audience and reach those goals. Depending on your needs and budget, CSO can build out a complete site, or just "template it," setting you up to add content and additional pages. We can also train staff in Macromedia Dreamweaver where necessary.

When your site is ready for launch, CSO Web services will assist in setting up your site on an appropriate Laboratory Web server (a host) and in establishing access and privileges for your site administrators. CSO will also ensure compliance with established Berkeley Lab Web site interface guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about being "out of step."

Engineering has found that the benefits of working with CSO far exceed any benefit of owning our own Web person. The CSO folks keep on top of the latest training, software protocols, and security controls.”
— Engineering Division Deputy Director