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Why CSO?

Why not do it yourself?

While it may be tempting to write your own brochure, take photos, lay out a newsletter, design a logo, shoot video, or build a Web site, the DIY approach can be costlier in the end. Not only do you rob staff hours from core duties (and get results more slowly), but the outcome may not present its subject in its best light. Let us do it for you and

What about outside agencies?

The Creative Services Offices exists to serve the Laboratory community, not to turn a profit. Because we operate on a cost-recovery basis, we can offer competitive rates unburdened with procurement fees. We work with you to stay within your budget and track project costs daily to prevent surprises. And, unlike outsiders, we are intimately familiar with both DOE and Laboratory policies and requirements.

Here’s what our clients have said:

CSO is a pearl in the LBNL landscape. The service constantly exceeds expectations, delivering world-class products that are crucial to the Lab's mission in today's multimedia world."
— Chemical Sciences Division Scientist
CSO's team of talented fine artists, graphic designers, writers, and editors keeps us looking and sounding great.”
— Joint Genome Institute - Communications


High-quality photos and graphics are not as important as high-quality research, but effective, professional visuals help communicate both the quality and content of our work and give our sponsors aids that they can use to support us.”
— Earth Sciences Division Scientist


CSO supports the Waste Management Group's need to consistently and accurately edit and archive a large volume of standard-operating procedures and regulatory documents and saves us approximately $40,000 a year through their pay-as-needed program."
— Waste Management Group Leader, EH&S
I have benefited tremendously over the years from LBNL CSO editorial services. I would not consider submitting funding proposals to any agency without first sending it to CSO—not only for editing, but also for comments and critique. Every proposal I’ve ever submitted was funded. I believe part of my success is due to the CSO editors.”
— Materials Sciences Division Scientist

Web Services

Engineering has found that the benefits of working with CSO far exceed any benefit of owning our own Web person. The CSO folks keep on top of the latest training, software protocols, and security controls ... administrative folks owned by the divisions typically do not. If one CSO Web person is not available in a crunch, another is. If a division-owned resource is out unexpectedly on sick leave or leaves for another position, the division is typically out of luck. Engineering is in the engineering business, not the server acquisition and maintenance business. An owned person is too expensive to keep on retainer; CSO is pay-as-you-go.”
— Engineering Division Deputy Director


Illustration and Design
Caitlin Youngquist

Roy Kaltschmidt

Poster Printing

Printing and Duplicating Services
Jon Rhodin
ph: 510-486-6787
fax: x5333

Video Production
Ivan Berry

Web Development
CSO Webmaster

Erik Richman

Sabin Russell
(510) 486-4973